World of Warcraft: The Game that Made me a Gamer

When I was younger, I loved Mario Brothers, which my brother and I would play together in the living room. I liked simple games at the time, but had no idea that games could get so complex as to be able to create entirely new worlds.



In high school I started gaming more seriously with friends, mostly with military based games, which was my first introduction to three dimensional, multi-player interfaces. I discovered World of Warcraft my freshman year of college. The longest I’ve ever played has been for thirty-three hours straight, getting up only to order food and use the restroom, at breaks. (Sorry if that’s too much information.)

World of Warcraft is extremely complex; it offers an ever changing and expanding world within which players are meant to navigate and interact with others. And it’s one of the online games you can play for free with Starter Edition!

The Game

The game is based in the world of Azeroth, in which players are meant to discover its secrets and fulfil quests. The first thing that new players need to do is create an avatar for themselves. The heroes come in different races, which allow players to choose how their characters appear; and then class, which allows players to choose what their avatar can do.

Alliance vs. Horde

wow-alliance-vs-hordeThe races are divided into two warring groups: the Alliance and the Horde. Both groups are represented by characters who exhibit both peaceful and savage qualities, and this includes fourteen races in total. The characters include trolls, wolves, pandas, elves, humans, and dwarves, the undead and other variations.

The classes are what determine what your avatar will be doing in the game. Again, most of the characters have both good and bad qualities. There are warriors, hunters, priests, mages, shamans, etc., each with their own type of energy, spells, keyboard uses and abilities within the game. The combinations for creating your character are endless, and players can try out different classes within the game.

The Quests

world-of-warcraft-questsThe game basically involves carrying out quests and collecting rewards, which come in the form of gold, energy, and other resources, as well as fighting monsters in dungeons, competing with other players, or working in teams, and forming guilds. The quests are what allow players to experience the different worlds of the game and interact with other players, in trades, group conquests, auctions, lessons, banking, etc. You can even develop a profession within the game, like tailoring, engineering, and blacksmithing.

For anyone with a modicum of imagination or curiosity, this world can become inexhaustible. Blizzard, the gaming company responsible for World of Warcraft, releases updates so often that world of possibilities seems infinite.