I Played Guild Wars 2 ‒ and This is What I Think

guild-wars-2After a hugely successful Guild Wars 1, game-maker ArenaNet decided to follow up with a sequel. In this MMO-based open world adventure, the outcome of the game depends on what decisions the player makes. And boy are there plenty of choices!

You can pick from eight different characters or professions as the plot indicates and begin a dynamic journey with exquisite adventures. Let’s review the game briefly before you go ahead and give it a shot.

Basics First

First and foremost, I must start by saying that since August 2015, Guild Wars 2 is completely free. This surely should pull in more curious players and YouTubers. After picking your character from five different race options, you’ll find yourself in Tyria, a huge kingdom with plenty of adventures and tasks waiting.

Every player is destined to fight against the Elder Dragons, who have seized control of formerly peaceful Tyria. Every player selects 10 combat skills, which consequently add a strategic element to the game play. You can pick from the following characters: Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Elementalist, Guardian, Thief, Engineer, and Mesmer.

What am I Supposed to Do?

That’s the question every player asks upon being thrown into the seemingly peaceful Tyria. Rest assured, even though peaceful fields dominate your view, there is danger and war lurking beyond the hills. And once faced with the threat of battle, players must use their skills effectively.


The excitement doesn’t stop after the battle as players can gain experience and skill points by completing non-combat based missions. I haven’t made any comments about the game graphics for a reason: perfection requires no further comments!

Order Out of Chaos

While it is true that the combats appear at first chaotic, organizing collaboration chains with other players can clarify the battles. Not to mention the fact that even though Guild Wars 2 has an independent and dynamic storyline based on player’s choices, collaboration with other players does not confuse the game experience.

If anything, working with others enhances the experience because ArenaNet has done a brilliant job in perfecting dynamic chain reactions between thousands of players’ choices.

Final Verdict: 93/100

Few games manage to rise above the prequel game. This game has done it brilliantly. Breath-taking graphics, dynamic storyline influenced by player’s actions, a collaboration system, and intense combats certainly get the players going. And all this for no subscription fees or one-time payments!I’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal to pass on.