Online Games You Can Play For Free

According to the cardinal rule in modern economics “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, meaning that nothing in life is free. You pay for it one way or another. For example, going to college costs you earlier entry to the workforce, or playing videogames has a cost of not playing casino gamesonline.

On the other hand, technology is changing many cardinal rules through creative destruction, especially in the gaming industry. In this article I’ll defy the laws of economics by listing the best free online games!


doomThis legendary game defined youth for most of us. While back in the days, you had to have a pretty powerful PC, nowadays you can play this game online with a normal laptop. Do I need to recap what Doom is all about? No, but a word of caution is needed. The browser module doesn’t support a mouse, meaning that aiming and shooting is a bit trickier. Then again, it’s supposed to be!


This game is not a classic in the same way as Doom might be. It is not even that interesting or visually advanced. Regardless of these minor deficiencies, the game is brilliantly obsessive and addictive. In fact, the beauty lies in the simplicity.

The purpose is to use four keyboard keys (q,w,o,p) in order to control sprinter’s thighs (q&w) and calves (o&p) as long as possible without making him fall. Sounds easy, but in reality this game is highly challenging and will definitely make you laugh!


runescapeYou know I’d add this classic to the list. No wonder, because the world of MMORPG keeps growing. If you don’t want to sign up for World of Warcraft, Diable or Starcraft, Runescape is a decent substitute for those who look for simpler adventures and tasks for the fun of it.

But you better watch out because the game is super addictive. There are stories of people getting fired for using too many sick days to play Runescape.

Dota 2

This is another great of a fantastic free MMORPG! Albeit originally a mod from Warcraft 3, players found this vast and diverse game superbly entertaining. As a result, you can find worldwide Dota 2 tournaments, where players around the world compete for rather lucrative prices.

League of Legends

league-of-legendsIf you want to take one step further from Dota 2, League of Legends could be your choice. Although this game is based on in-game purchases, you can still advance quickly in this online multiplayer strategy game. League of Legends (or better known as LoL) drew inspiration from Warcraft III and thus should not be difficult to master with some time and patience.


Has anyone actually managed to complete this terrifying game? Slender is a horror game that combines simply darkness, creepy character following you, and eerie sounds. You only have a flashlight to survive in a dark forest where Slender is creeping up on you from the dark corners you can’t see.