My FavouriteGames from Blizzard

Choosing my favourite Blizzard game is the equivalent of choosing a favourite family member. Obviously, some are rotten to the core, but for most of them we have great affection. Regardless of this formidable challenge, I will take on the tough job of listing the best Blizzard games.

A word of caution, however. This site does not offer “safe places”, meaning that my views might hurt someone’s feelings. Then again, not sure how Diablo games hasn’t been banned because of the violent content. Let us proceed!

World of Warcraft

world-of-warcraft-2Well, you saw this coming from a mile away! No wonder, as WoW is one of the most popular games of all time and most definitely most famous MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Over 12 million subscribers and $10 billion from sales don’t tell lies. What I love about the game is the fact that WoW does not on releasing games with no connection to larger story.

All the games are entwined to create a larger than life universe with fascinating stories and adventures. If you haven’t had the chance to play WoW, all you need to know is the following: The Azeroth race has divided into two factions and coincidentally, these two hate each other. Basically you get to pick your side of these two opposing camps, Alliance and Hordes. From there, one you can develop your individually tailored character. Simple? Yes, very true but often simplicity is the definition of beauty!


starcraftThe first installation of Starcraft finds itself right behind World of Warcraft. Admittedly, these two fantastic and iconic games should share the winners’ podium. The two make you wonder where the game-writers get their ideas. Set in the 26th century when four different species are fighting over the control of the universe, the game strikes with its focused strategic approach. If you ever played any of the Command & Conquer games, Starcraft would be an upgrade to the 100th power!

Surely 10 million sold units and an assortment of other game-related merchandise products can attest to the latter argument.

Diablo I,II,III

diabloClose to 25 million sold units can speak for themselves. The Diablo game series entices players with its versatile combination of strategic thinking, intriguing story, and beautiful simplicity. Diablo belongs to list of only a few games that set the standard for future game development, at least in the RPG-genre. The initial simplicity, which allows more players to get started and thus increase the likelihood to keep playing, is replaced by the artful mastery of game strategy.

At first sight, the purpose seems to be to find all the bad guys and just annihilate them as soon as possible. Although fun in many ways, online features add more challenge and adventure to the mix. Thus, there is difficulty to single out one out of the three remarkably successful instalments. You just have to play all of them, period.

In an age where First Person Shooter (FPS) games are becoming increasingly popular, the MMORPG-genre has taken a beating. But have no fear. We haven’t seen the last of Blizzard!