Gaming Drama in 2017

2017 promises to be a dramatic year for the video-gaming industry. With numerous well-anticipated games scheduled to be released, be it the next in a series or brand new concepts, there is a lot to look forward to like with Guild Wars 2 back in the days.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

mass-effect-andromedaNow, can we all take a second to freak out?! Grey’s Anatomy may have given us McDreamy, but there’s a whole new Shepherd that I’m fan-girling over right now. I have stopped eating for the past month so that I can afford a 4K screen.How can you not obsess over those crystal clear graphics, the awesome chiaroscuro (dynamic lighting), the kick-ass combat … and best of all, ‘the Tempest’- my next favourite spaceship after ‘the MilleniumFalcon’. Bio-Shock has really done it this time.

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

resident-evil-biohazardAlready pre-ordered. With a story line evoking that of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, carnal blood splatter that looks like a take from a Tarantino movie, and an eerie mansion that would make the Adams family blush. Pair it with a VR headset and guaranteed chills may ensue.

Capcom has really set the bar for the horror genre with this one. The first person perspective lets you really get up close and personal and the creepy details in full HD would make Papa Hitchcock proud.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

zelda-breath-of-the-wildNow, undoubtedly people will be divided on this one, but I for one look forward to a rendezvous with my first love, Nintendo, and am super stoked to set off on new adventures with Link. We go way back, man, 19 series to be exact.

I’m particularly enthusiastic about the open world environment, which is a deviation from the standard in the series. In fact there are numerous conventions being challenged. Being able to develop your own pace and game play strategy, rather than liner progression as in the previous versions, is one of them. ‘Breath of the Wild’ pays homage to its roots, while redefining the norms of Zelda.

The pre-release was amazing. I can honestly say I’m psyched about this one. Yes, the delays in release date have been frustrating, but I’m sure Nintendo will redeem themselves and all will be forgiven once the game is out.

Scale bound

This RPG has been in development for some time. I was heartbroken when PlatinumGames opted to release and develop Bayonetta which followed the Wonderful 101 before pitching it again. At long last the wait should be over, and much like Zelda there is a non-linear progression, allowing the player the freedom to explore the environment and develop the game further at will.

The graphics look really promising, but the really bold move on behalf of Platinum was moving into the fantasy sphere. Should be an interesting game to say the least.