About Me

online-gamingJust another fellow voyager in the forever-expanding matrix of online gaming

My lovetowards video games when I was a child and handed my first NINTENDO64 by the ‘cool’ uncle that would give out expensive gifts when visiting during the holidays. He did this to compete against my father and pretended to be interested in the games. I wasn’t too bothered, however, as I was on a quest to discover the magic of ‘Paperboy’ and ‘Donkey Kong”, which was absolutely exhilarating.

Yes it was-a him “Mario” that popped my cherry, and boy did I hit that ‘jump’ button like a madman to save the Princess Peach. It was a whirlwind from then on. I was genuinely hooked.

Warping through ‘a realm beyond sight’ and making all my mortal dreams come true in Zelda, and really hitting that ultimate gamer high hunting Ducks; it was a beautiful time to be alive. Trips to the video store became a regular outing, and I’d run crying to daddy when the game jammed, so he’d fix it I could keep on playing my favourite games.

Crash BandicootCalling

The Christmas that I unwrapped my first PS Console, was my moment of enlightenment. It was ‘Naughty Dog’ with Crash Bandicoot all the way, and trust me, there was no turning back after that. I found my calling. Soon I was saying, ‘Sorry, see you next week’, while my social life took a nosedive.

I really immersed myself in videogames. Thankfully multi-player platforms came up at just the right time to amend the situation, and prevented me from becoming a total outcast and hermit. Whether it was PC or my developing collection of sparking consoles over the years, or that my uncle never ceased to disappoint me giving gifts and same time fuelled my gaming habit over the years to come.

Do You Want a Tip?

online-gaming-2I’ll give you a tip. Not to brag, but I’ve acquired a decent amount of ‘cred’ over the years, while working with Freespinskasino.net. I’m what you’d call a staple in the online gamer community, and I am often approached by people for tips and advice. So I united forces with a few fellow geeks from my dorm to bring you this site.

Now, some things might never change, but the gaming industry surely does. In the millennium where nothing is true and everything is permitted, we embark on a mission to keep you up to date with the latest gaming news and breakthroughs in the playing field; from VR to Motion Tracking and from Pac-Man to Elder Scrolls.